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R Programming: R for Data Science 14 Courses in 1

No prior experience is required
Eagerness to learn about R Programming

Do you want to master the most widely used language?

Want to be in the league of the achievers and have your own success story?


We are working towards making the world a better place with programming and learning R is the most bankable support that one can provide to its career. This course will take you through an exciting journey and you will surely feel overwhelmed with it. Moving slowly and steadily is the mantra behind this one so that you grasp each and every part religiously.

The course will lead the way in making you learn how to do programming in R and use it for an effective analysis of data. As we start from the very basics we will guide you through installing the software essential for the programming to everything that needs to be a part of the curriculum to make you a proficient R programmer.

Irrespective of the fact whether you have learned to program before or not, you can excel in the course if you do not move in the classroom with any inhibitions. With the knowledge acquired you will be able to easily work upon data analysis. As an important part of the changing world, this course will surely give you an upgrade to stand firm in these competitive times. You will become ready to climb the ladder of success with the certification in your hand. The course will definitely be a great learning experience as it is meticulously designed to make you more skilled.

Our course has been created by the connoisseur of the programming language who is accustomed to it from the top to the bottom having great exposure and experience. Videos, written documents, quizzes, and exercises are the tools that we provide to make you understand the course in a better manner, add to your knowledge, and enrich your experience.

The benefits after the course get completed

• Gain knowledge of the basic principles of programming

• Comprehend the critical concept of R programming from the basics

• Understand to import and Export data

• Gain knowledge of the different operators that help in performing the tasks

• Get an understanding of the different data types and data structures

• Acquire the knowledge of how to create vectors and variables in R

• Comprehend how to build and use matrices in R

• Learn about character, integer, numeric, double, logical, complex types in R

• Become proficient in installing and handling packages in R

• Understand Subsetting data in R

• Comprehend data management and missing values in R

• Gain knowledge of how to create a loop and if-else statement in R

• Familiarize oneself with descriptive statistics

• Learn to apply family in R

• Get an understanding of data manipulation in R

• Become proficient in summarizing the data graphically

Some facts that need your attention

• R is the most widely used open-source programming language

• R is the IT skill that is highest paid

• There are over 2 million R users around the globe

• The number of R users is increasing by 40% every year

• R is growing faster if compared to any other data science language

• 70% of data miners use it

• A lot of organizations are making use of it

Reasons that make the course better than its contemporaries

• Specialists from the field to teach the participants

• Curriculum that is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the time

• Tools added for a complete understanding of the subject

• Recordings and videos to simplify things and make it exciting

Words of appreciation from our Students

1. “A great to start with and the trainer took his time to teach the material methodically and overall did a great job. Additionally, for a course that is portrayed as ‘R for Data Science’, it is definitely a very good one to learn and enhance your career.”- Gunjan Tiwari

2. “I have very high expectations already. I am new to R programming but never found it tough to understand. I like the method of training and already started loving it. Good course and a great initiative by Henry Harvin” Abhay Srivastava

3. “This course is highly recommended for those who want to learn R from the scratch. The course moves at a great pace without creating any dull moments. It helps in developing the skill and being a proficient R programmer.” Lucky Mehndiratta

4. “The classes were really interactive, and I found the trainer very experienced and helpful. I felt free to clear my doubts and they were always there to help us all. I found Henry Harvin as the best platform for learning the course with top-class trainers and would suggest to my friends.” Samuel Thomas

5. “The course is very well-designed. The faculty pays a lot of attention at the individual level. The trainers give their best to deliver the course and this is the best part. The course itself becomes enriching if the person imparting it is good. So, I would love to recommend this course to others as well” Abheesha Gupta

Who this course is for:
Any who has an inclination to learn R programming
Anyone who is planning a big change in his career

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