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Adobe illustrator CC 2021 essential class ||GET CERTIFICATE

No, you don’t need any previous experience

Hello guys, My name is Anwer Khan and I will be your instructor throughout this course. I am been using Adobe illustrator CC for many years and I have created lots of logos and design many mobile applications for my clients.

Now this will be the essential course for anyone who wants to learn Adobe illustrator CC. I will teach you Adobe illustrator CC from scratch and you will master each and every tool available in illustrator.

I will not just teach you about tools in illustrator but also how to create different shapes using these tools. So once you complete this course you will be able to create any stuff you imagine. Whether it is a logo illustration or any shape and you will be able to create that stuff easily.

Now, this is a complete beginner course in which you will learn Adobe illustrator CC from scratch. You don’t need to have any previous experience in Adobe illustrator. We will learn each and every tool and I will also show you how to use these tools and draw your stuff.

Now let’s talk about the course structure, first of all, this course will be straight to the point, So we will not talk about unwanted stuff, therefore, we will cover more in less time then after introduction in the first section, we will talk about selection tools and pen tool. We will master the selection tool, pen tool and direct selection tool. We will learn these tools and do cool stuff using these tools.

After that in the second section, we will take a look at strokes and rotate tool and I will also show you how to use these tools and create really cool stuff.

Next, we will master colors, gradients and the pathfinder tool. Then in the fourth section, you will learn how to use the text tool, brushes and masks. We will also do fun practice along the way.

Next, we will also learn the 3D tool, mesh, perspective grid and blend tool. We will also learn all the other tools and panels along the way, So don’t worry about it.

Finally, in the last section, we will learn transform options, tracing images and I will also show you how to create reusable actions.

So, if you want to master Adobe illustrator CC then I hope i will see you in the course.

Thank you.

Who this course is for:
who wants to learn adobe illustrator
who wants to learn graphic designing
who wants to learn logo designing
who wants to create their imagination

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