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M&A for Investors


  • Basic understanding of finance;
  • Basic understanding how Excel works;


If you are interested to study M&A as a discipline or a business practice – we believe this is the right moment for that. Covid-19, the Big Resignation, war in Ukraine, changes in supply-chains at the global level and price adjustments…although we all might hate them individually, these are all great triggers for the next wave of mergers and acquisitions for the years that are coming. That’s why we believe M&A is going to become core corporate or business strategy topic for all types of decision makers – either Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Executives, Investors, or many other (just) curious people.

Here, the point of this course is not just to focus on an end goal (meaning how to buy the business), but to better understand the process itself, learn how to find the right companies and choose the best approaches how to structure and run your M&A deal.

That is why we have structured this course to cover the following:

– Investor’s challenge – finding the right target;

– M&A process overview;

– Valuation and investment rational;

– Securing financing; and

– Integration plan and / or Exit strategy;

Within a Section focused on Investor’s challenge, we are going to explain you what are the key deal drivers for different types of investors, what tools professional investors use in assessing market attractiveness, how they assess individual company’s attractiveness, how they make money in M&A deals, and how to position yourself as being an investor.

In M&A process overview – we are going to explain initial deal planning and acquisition preparation, we are going to cover all activities from market screening to submitting a winning Non-Binding Offer, how to execute Due Diligence, negotiate different elements of a Sales and Purchase Agreement, and finally Close the deal.

Within a Valuation Section – we are going to explain the most common valuation techniques like DCF, multiple based, or relative valuation and Net Assets Value. On top of that – we are going to walk you through 3 Financial Models to illustrate you how a valuation really works in practice.

Regarding Securing financing – we are going to explain you a concept of a Debt capacity so you will be able to assess what is your realistic reach. We will cover the most common sources of financing, why some investors create SPV (or, Special Purpose Vehicle) in order to execute an M&A deal, and we will highlight you the most important success factors relevant for executing the deal.

Finally, we are going to help you with developing your integration plan, or with your Exit strategy.

I hope you are going to enjoy!

See you at the other side.


Who this course is for:

  • Course is intended for all those interested to learn about M&A and Investments;
  • It will contribute especially to Investors considering to buy a business at some point in the future
  • It is a great fit for all types of consultants and advisors working with business owners or top managers;
  • Young professional or seasoned investors looking to understand perspective of a buy-side of an M&A deal;

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