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Extreme Personal Privacy 2 – Advanced Tactics


  • It’s not a requirement, but the information and tactics shared in the predecessor course, Extreme Personal Privacy, would be helpful in providing broader context and information for developing a comprehensive privacy framework to protect you and those you care about.


Extreme Personal Privacy 2 expands on the fundamental tactics demonstrated in Course #1, providing detailed strategies and resources to actively defend against specific types of threat actors who may seek to violate your privacy and do you harm. Important topics include:

Section 1 – Extreme Privacy and Incident Response

  • Defend Against Physical World Threat Actors (such as stalkers, harassers, criminals)
  • Defend Against Online Threat Actors (such as internet trolls and online abusers)
  • Combatting Non-Consensual Pornography (also known as “Revenge Porn”)
  • Address Confidentiality Programs (alternative address services offered by many states to help victims of abuse)
  • Extreme Healthcare Privacy Tactics (protecting your identity and privacy when researching or obtaining sensitive healthcare services, including reproductive healthcare services)
  • Protecting Minors from Abuse (including in-depth discussions and recommendations on preventing bullying, sexual abuse, and sextortion of minors)

Section 2 – Alias Considerations

  • Understand the reach of the Government
  • Developing a Working Alias (including developing an alternate identity, establishing an LLC and obtaining credit cards and other resources to mask your identity from prying eyes and the public).

Extreme Personal Privacy 2 draws upon the book Get Lost: Personal Privacy Strategies for Extremely Busy People, written by privacy experts Daniel Farber Huang and Theresa Menders. Extreme Personal Privacy 2 will show you how to take back control of your privacy and safety. Using clear, concise language and providing step-by-step instructions, this course provides actionable tactics, techniques, and procedures that you can activate immediately.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who feels their privacy is under threat from

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