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The Agile User Story Playbook: Experience Agile Success!


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  • You must understand English. (Grade 12 level).
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Welcome to “The Agile User Story Playbook” The Most Powerful Communication Mechanism For Agile Product Creation

ATTENTION PRODUCT CREATORS: Learn, Understand & Experience The Creation of Agile User Stories, And Success Is YOURS!

The User Story!

There is a “Tidal Wave” today that is sweeping our Globe. It began as a ripple in the late 1980s and has progressed into this enormous wave that is sweeping over the “Product Development Arena.” Products all the way from Automobiles to Government Policy creation to the delivery of massive Software Systems. To many of us who have been involved in this arena for over 20 years, we label it as the “Agile Revolution!”

And the key framework, the most used framework, and the most successful framework in the Agile “space,” is Scrum. Scrum, is the framework that came from the work of the co-founders, Jeff Sutherland (senior) and Ken Schwaber (Scrum org).

And the key method of understanding the needs of our stakeholders within an Agile Framework such as Scrum, and creating a product to fulfill those needs, is a tool that we call “User Stories.” This course is all about how to successfully create those User Stories.

Why You Should Take This Masterclass!

Recently, one of the top Global Information Technology oversight organizations, Forrester, said this:

“The organizational structures that got us to where we are today, are failing us — they are not the structures that will take us forward. Times have changed, and our organizations must adapt to catch up and begin to keep pace with business change”

To be at the forefront of working with our organizations to adapt and catch up and begin to keep pace with the changing world around us in the area of product development, you need to know what we are teaching in this course. You then need to take that knowledge and understanding and move it through your Agile teams, no matter what area of the organization they are located and working within.

Our intent here is that when you finish our course, you will be an “expert” or SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the development of User Stories.

For you to achieve this, in this course we teach you:

  • What Scrum is (short high-level refresher)
  • Why User Stories came into existence.
  • What User Stories Are.
  • User Story Theory.
  • The User Story Structure.
  • Techniques in arriving at and developing User Stories.
  • User Story Mapping
  • User Story Splitting.
  • How to use User Stories in your project burndowns.
  • The difference between User Stories and traditional requirements.
  • The difference between User Stories and Use Cases.
  • How to use “Spikes” to determine User Stories.
  • Defect handling with User Stories.
  • And So Much More ……….

All of this is based on where Agile Development is in early 2023.

To sum this all up, at the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge and understanding to not only work with teams using User Stories but also teach and mentor others on the successful use of User Stories.

Therefore, make sure you take the step and click on purchasing this course. You will not be disappointed.


Professor Ed …. “We Are Agile!”

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to understand the process of developing a product using the Agile philosophy.

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