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Learn Greek for Beginners. The complete Method. Part 1


  • No previous knowledge of Greek is required. The course is designed for complete beginners or those with very limited knowledge.
  • Excitement to learn the basics of the Greek language.
  • Desire to learn Greek.
  • Simply follow the video lectures, repeat and practice.


Γεια σας!

If you:

  •   want to learn the Greek way of thinking
  •   want to communicate in Greek with a Greek native teacher
  •   are intrigued by Greek history and Greek culture
  •   wish or plan to visit Greece

But you don’t want to spend countless hours learning useless grammar rules and attending boring classes, I have the most effective solution for you!

Greek for Beginners. The complete Method. Level 1 Part 1

It is in Greek, with Greek subtitles so your eyes get used to the Greek letters and words and, of course, together with English subtitles, so you can understand exactly what I am saying from the first minute!

So why DON’T you take advantage of it?


Read what these peoples have to say for the course and the course creator.

5 Stars  Very effective methodology to get you comfortable conversing in basic Greek which is the missing element in many Greek courses which design themselves to teach vocabulary by theme and grammatical structure without context in real speech. Would be invaluable if you were planning a trip to Greece and didn’t want to be resort-bound due to language fears. Fantastic!

5 Stars  Excellent course. I also like the way this course is designed with lots of possibilities to practise. Very useful and informative for me. Thanks a lot, Irene.
United States

5 Stars   This is, without question, the best Greek-language course I have ever taken. I am a completely beginner, and have been utilizing many different online resources to learn Greek, but none have been as effective as this course. The instructor, Irene, does an amazing job here.
United Kingdom

5 Stars  Very good course, I highly reccomend it for beginners and for any person who would like to strength their knowledge in Greek!
United States

5 Stars  This course has become one of my favourites in a very short space of time. It is delivered in Greek, which is extremely well delivered, the course contains written material and exercises which many others do not have, and the constant contact from the tutor makes you feel that you are actually involved in the course, not just watching a video. Outstanding.


The course is divided into 6 sections, has 33 video lectures, 9 listening, 20 pdf and 4 quiz.

For each chapter you get:

  • education and fun
  • interactive video in Greek in order to familiarise yourself with the Greek language and speech
  • Greek subtitles
  • English subtitles
  • downloadable pdf with the lesson notes
  • listening test
  • quiz test
  • study plan
  • constant guidance and communication whenever you need it.

How long does this course take to complete?

The course is designed to be completed in a period of 4 weeks, remember that each video lasts 2-4 minutes and you need another 10 or 20 minutes practising.

Start learning Greek now and see you at the lesson!


“Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn .” (Benjamin Franklin)

It will save your time!

Your teacher


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would prefer to learn Greek from scratch through speaking and active involvement rather than studying rules and lists.
  • Anyone who has very limited or no previous knowledge of Greek and wish to acquire basic fluency in communicating in Greek.
  • Anyone who is either vacationing or moving to a Greek speaking country who needs to acquire a practical use of basic Greek as quickly as is humanly possible.

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