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SPSS Powerclass: Learn SPSS from Advanced to Ultimate


  • You will need a computer and access to SPSS software to practice lessons.


Hi there! Welcome to SPSS Powerclass!

SPSS Statistics is the most popular GUI-based software for doing data analysis and Research. It’s the most preferred software for academicians and research professionals. However, most of the users of SPSS remain confined to the basic features of SPSS and end up doing what everyone else is doing. That’s why you see most of the research articles report the most common statistical tests like correlation, regression, factor analysis, and some basic forms of group difference tests like ANOVA  and t-test. This devoids research to methodological diversity, and neither it appeals to a genuine pursuit of knowledge.

The purpose of the SPSS Powerclass is to take the knowledge of SPSS to the next level. This course offers in-depth coverage of advanced features of SPSS, like:

  • Advanced data import methods in SPSS
  • How to work with SPSS in Workbook mode?
  • Advanced Descriptive Statistics in SPSS
  • Ratio Statistics in SPSS
  • TURF Analysis in SPSS
  • Advanced-Data Visualization in SPSS
  • and many more!


  • Step-by-step coverage offering an explanation of all options of a test
  • Coverage of basics and underlying concepts in each test
  • Manual calculation of tests, wherever relevant offered
  • Probelm-based teaching, where each test is explained by taking practical problems
  • Easy to understand language.

I am sure this course will help you in taking your SPSS skills to the next level!

Become a power user of SPSS!!

Join SPSS Powerclass today!!

Who this course is for:

  • Researchers and Ph.D. Students
  • Social Scientists and Academicians
  • Data Analysis Professionals
  • Statistics and Data Science Professionals

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