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Starting Faceless Youtube Channel with AI


  • No previous experience is content creation is required
  • Creativity and consistency


Welcome to Starting Faceless Youtube Channel with AI course. Here in this course, you will learn how to build faceless youtube channels from scratch using AI tools which have the capability of converting text to image, audio, and even video. Therefore by doing so, not only that you will not be required to show your face in front of the camera but also you will spend way less effort when it comes to editing your video. In addition, this course will guide you step by step starting from conducting market analysis on picking a high demand niche, choosing your target audience, all the way to creating real content videos using a combination of AI tools. As most people believe, the most effective way to learn is to learn by doing, hence, that’s what you are going to get here since this course also comes with two projects where for the first project you will be guided on how to generate content script using ChatGPT, then, convert it to audio and generate image from text using AI images generator like Dall E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, eventually combine them together. Meanwhile for the second project, you will learn how to use text to video AI tools where all you need to do is to write some content outline and AI will automatically generate the video for you. Beside those technical perspectives, you will also learn other important things that need to be mastered by a content creator, such as how to design interesting thumbnails, grow your audience, and monetize your Youtube channel or even potentially turn this to be your full time business.

First of all, before getting to the course, let’s talk about the reason behind starting a faceless Youtube channel. Why do you want to create a faceless Youtube channel? Well, there are lots of people who have ambitions to be content creators, especially Youtubers, however some of them are not really confident in front of the camera or perhaps they want to keep their identity secret due to privacy reasons. Unfortunately, most of those people do not realize the fact that there are countless ideas for faceless Youtube channels which will not require you to show your face and even much better, nowadays, AI can make everything easier from lowering your production cost to accelerating your video editing process since almost everything can be automated. In conclusion, this course will train you on how to take full advantage of available technologies out there and combine them with brilliant ideas to create high value contents for your audience.

Below are two project videos that you will create in this course:

  1. The History of Trojan Horse (AI text to image + AI text to audio)
  2. The Bright Future of Metaverse (AI text to video)

Below are the summary of things that you will learn in the course:

  • Finding high demand niche for your faceless Youtube channel
  • Learning how to know your target audience
  • Exploring different ideas for faceless Youtube channel
  • Learning how to use text to image, text to audio, and text to video AI tools
  • Learning how to use Veed IO to edit video
  • Learning how to make interesting thumbnail using PicsArt
  • Learning several different strategies to grow your audience
  • Learning several different paths to monetize your Youtube channel

Who this course is for:

  • People who have ambition to be content creators but prefer not to show their faces in front of camera
  • People who want to learn to utilise AI tools to create high quality content videos and accelerate the editing process

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