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Practical HTML, CSS, JS: 10 Real-World Projects for Practice

Basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
Familiarity with fundamental programming concepts.
A working computer or laptop with an internet connection.
A code editor such as Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text.
Basic knowledge of JavaScript syntax.
Access to a web browser for testing and running JavaScript code.
Eagerness to learn and apply JavaScript concepts in practical projects.
Willingness to experiment and troubleshoot coding issues.
Ability to follow along with coding exercises and examples.
Motivation to build real-world applications and enhance programming skills.
Welcome to our comprehensive course on mastering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this course, you will acquire the skills you need to construct modern and responsive web applications by creating entertaining and engaging projects.

Our course is designed to offer you a hands-on experience, guiding you on how to code web applications from scratch with the latest web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, and vanilla JavaScript. This approach ensures that you understand each concept thoroughly and allows you to practice your newly acquired skills without relying on copy-pasting.

You do not need any previous knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript since we will take you through every syntax and explain each step in detail. Our course is suitable for both beginners and experienced programmers. Whether you’re new to coding or looking to refresh your skills, our course is perfect for you.

We believe that learning should be enjoyable and engaging, which is why we’ve created an array of modern, super-cool, and captivating projects that you will develop throughout the course. Each project is created independently from scratch, and you can choose which ones to work on based on your interests.

Our course features separate videos for each technology, enabling you to learn and focus on the areas that interest you the most. For instance, if you’re primarily interested in JavaScript, you can skip the HTML and CSS sections and dive right into the JavaScript videos.

I’m Vijay Kumar, a web developer with over 8 years of experience. I’ll be your guide throughout the course, answering any questions you may have and providing valuable feedback to help you become a proficient web developer.

NOTE: This course is Recorded in Hindi Language! and the Subtitle is auto-generated.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who want to start their journey in web development.
Students or individuals with some basic programming knowledge looking to expand their JavaScript skills.
Web designers who want to add interactivity and functionality to their websites using JavaScript.
Developers transitioning from other programming languages to JavaScript.
Entrepreneurs or business owners who want to understand JavaScript to enhance their web presence.
Freelancers looking to broaden their skill set and offer JavaScript development services.
Anyone interested in building real-world applications and improving their problem-solving abilities.
College students studying computer science or related fields.
Professionals in non-technical roles who want to gain a foundational understanding of JavaScript.
Enthusiasts who are passionate about coding and want to explore the world of JavaScript.
Students studying computer to enhance their skills.
Join this course if you aspire to construct visually stunning websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by constructing uncomplicated yet practical websites in this course.
After this course, students can write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code and build responsive websites.
Enroll in this course if you’re a novice seeking a practical approach to learning JavaScript.

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