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Equity Research Report Writing


  • The only prerequisite to this course is your interest in equity research. If you’re a finance student but you don’t have any interest in equity research, you will not get the best value out of this course.


This course focuses on the skills needed for ER report writing in a professional way. You will learn the powerful method for transforming thorough research into a professional writing that’s clear, concise and compelling. Financial Institutions make thousands of reports everyday. How can you make your report stand out? Only by creating a compelling report. It’s designed to take you through the stages of producing a real research report. All the assignments contribute to that aim. If you want to use the course in this way, you can have a real report, ready to publish, by the time you have finished. The course starts with simple ways to write and ER report. You’ll learn a method to help you produce reports more efficiently, and techniques to benchmark your work against objective quality criteria. The tools and techniques you’ll learn have been tried, tested. Effective research reports aren’t successful just because of the words you use – or what you know. Good writing means figuring out what you’re trying to say and why it matters to your clients. So, you’ll learn how to formulate your investment ideas quickly and efficiently, and how to support those ideas with logical arguments and coherent explanations. You’ll also be able to organize your ideas to fit the strategies we all use as readers to seek out what matters to us. All of these tools and techniques will save you time as a writer – and save your audience time as readers. You’ll also learn how to construct powerful paragraphs and stunning sentences, so that you can communicate your expertise without baffling your reader. And how to add warmth to your words so you forge a deeper connection with busy clients. Finally, you’ll learn simple techniques for proofing and polishing your work – so you can weed out embarrassing errors that could undermine your credibility as an analyst.

Who this course is for:

  • Students of finance: This is an ideal course for those students that want to build a career in equity research. But make sure you love data, analysis, research, investments, and writing.
  • Professionals of finance: If you’re a juncture at your career and want to shift from one to another, equity research may be the career you should look for. If you love research and analysis, you would love this course. This Equity research course will guide you step by step on how to become an equity research analyst.

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