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Favicon Grabber Using JavaScript


  • Basic Knowledge Of HTML


In This Course , You Will Learn How To Grab Favicon Using JavaScript From Scratch. This Course is In English Language. In This Course , We Have Used Google & DuckDuckGo API For Grabbing The Favicon.  Also , In This Course , You Will Learn How To Host Our Favicon Grabber Website For Free , So That Anyone Can Access It Anytime , From Anywhere !

This Course is For You If…

  • You Want To Learn How To Grab Favicon Using JavaScript
  • You Want To Create Your Own Favicon Grabber Website

In This Course , User Can Grab Multiple Size Favicon :

  • Default Size
  • 16×16
  • 32×32
  • 48×48
  • 64×64
  • 128×128

In This Course , I Have Explained Each & Every Concepts , Logic & Codes Which Are Required To Grab Favicon Using JavaScript


  • Text Editor Like Visual Studio Code Or Notepad ++
  • Web Browser Like Google Chrome

Whats Included in This Course

  • Lectures
  • Resource

I’m The Right Teacher For You ?

I Tried My Best To Teach You in Easy Words in This Course.

Covered in This Course :

  • Introduction
  • Detail About Favicon
  • API
  • Lets Learn
  • How To Create HTML & JavaScript File
  • JavaScript Function
  • Accessing Elements Using JavaScript (TextBox)
  • If Else & Image
  • Validate URL
  • Creating Favicon Grabber
  • Hosting Favicon Grabber Website For Free


  • Conclusion

Outcome Of This Course

  • You Will Learn How To Grab Favicon Using JavaScript
  • You Will Learn How To Create Or Host Favicon Grabber Website For Free
  • You Will Get Knowledge in JavaScript

Who this course is for:

  • Who Want To Learn How To Grab Favicon
  • Who Want To Grab Favicon Using HTML & JavaScript
  • Who Want To Create Favicon Grabber Website

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