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Cost Volume Profit Analysis (CVP) – Managerial Accounting


  • Basic Accounting Knowledge: Understanding of fundamental accounting concepts and terminologies.
  • Familiarity with Financial Statements: Basic knowledge of income statements and balance sheets will be beneficial.
  • Mathematical Skills: Basic mathematical and analytical skills are needed for calculations involved in CVP analysis.
  • Willingness to Learn: Most importantly, students should have an eagerness to learn and understand complex accounting concepts.


Unlock the power of managerial and cost accounting with our comprehensive Udemy course. This course dives deep into the crucial managerial accounting concept of cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis, a dynamic tool that helps businesses determine how changes in costs and volumes affect their profits.

We kick off the course with a robust introduction to managerial accounting and cost accounting, clearly outlining their differences. The central tool for our exploration will be the Contribution Margin Income Statement, providing a roadmap as we delve into each component of CVP analysis.

Intricate concepts such as mixed costs are broken down, discussing their implications, and how to handle them effectively using methods like the high-low method and scatter diagram method.

Grasp the fundamental concept of break-even point in both units and revenue, building a strong foundation for subsequent topics in cost-volume-profit analysis. Forecasting becomes less daunting as we illuminate how CVP analysis can be leveraged for accurate projections and informed decision-making.

For businesses with multiple inventory products, we elucidate techniques to apply CVP analysis effectively, ensuring a wide application of the knowledge acquired.

Further, we navigate the concept of operating leverage – understanding its calculation and usefulness in business operations. We openly discuss the assumptions that underlie CVP analysis and address its potential limitations, ensuring you have a well-rounded understanding of its application in real-world scenarios.

The course features a comprehensive problem worked out using Excel, with step-by-step instructional videos to ensure you can follow along and fully grasp the application of the concepts learned.

With numerous Excel worksheets to assist your learning, you’ll be able to practice and consolidate your understanding at every stage. Worksheets typically include three tabs – one with the completed problem, another with a preformatted worksheet to fill in, and a blank worksheet, enabling you to build your own tables from scratch if desired.

Whether you’re an aspiring accountant, a business owner, a financial professional or a student, this course will arm you with the skills to navigate and apply cost-volume-profit analysis, and take your understanding of managerial and cost accounting to new heights.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Accountants: Those who are pursuing a career in accounting and want to gain a deeper understanding of managerial and cost accounting principles.
  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs: Individuals running their own business who want to have a better understanding of how costs, volume, and profit are interconnected.
  • Finance Professionals: Professionals working in finance who wish to improve their skills and knowledge of cost management and profit optimization.
  • Students: Students studying business, finance, or accounting who want to supplement their college education with practical, real-world applications.
  • Management Consultants: Consultants who advise businesses on cost management and efficiency improvements.
  • Anyone Interested in Business Finance: This course is also suitable for anyone with an interest in understanding the financial dynamics of a business better.

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