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Database Management System Excellence: Module: 3


  • Basic computer skills and General knowledge of Information Technology concepts


1. What are the various advantages of DBMS?

2. What is meant by Data Independence?

3. What is the meaning of Data Redundancy?

4. What is meant by Data Integrity?

5. What is the meaning of Data Integration?

6. What is Data Consistency?

7. What is the need of data backup?

8. What are the various security measures used by DBMS to ensure data security?

9. What is the meaning of scalability?

10. What is meant by vertical scaling and horizontal scaling?

11. What is meaning of scaling down?

12. Which are the key methods used by DBMS to achieve concurrent access to data?

13. What is meant by locking?

14. What is the meaning of Read Lock and Write Lock?

15. What is the benefit of locks used by DBMS?

16. What is the meaning of Isolation levels?

17. Which are the four isolation levels defined in the SQL standard?

18. Which is the lowest Isolation Level?

19. What is Read Committed Isolation level?

20. What is the function of Repeatable Read Isolation level?

21. Which is the highest isolation level?

22. Write one difference between Highest Isolation levels and Lower Isolation levels?

23. What are the various benefits of using a DBMS over traditonal file-based systems?

24. DBMS or traditional file system provides for regular automated backups?

25. DBMS supports point-in-time recovery. What is the meaning of point-in-time recovery?

26. Which system is better for data analysis – DBMS or File system?

27. What are the various disadvantages of DBMS?

28. Whether DBMS puts financial burden on the organization?

29. DBMS represents a single point of failure for the entire system. What it means?

30. Scaling a DBMS can be difficult. Why?

31. What is meant by Vendor Lock-in?

32. When we should not use DBMS system?

Why DBMS is essential for an organization?

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