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Excel – Introductory Spreadsheet Course For Beginners


  • The only experience you need is how to operate a computer.
  • Windows Computer with Microsoft Excel Installed (Preferably Excel 2016 and above)


Microsoft Excel Skills, for may Techies is not only an essential skill, but also arguably the best place to start before venturing into the likes of Python, SQL, Power BI/ Tableau or even any other programming Language.

However, most Excel Courses ignore the little and basic essential knowledge areas and that makes Advanced concepts difficult for Excel users along the line.

In this course, Ahmed Oyelowo (Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer) has taught Excel from grounds up. Assuming zero knowledge on the part of the Student.

Ahmed’s teaching is simple and concise, with explanations done in layman’s terms. His Power BI Course has for long been a Udemy Best Seller and on many occasions remained the Highest Rated course in that category.

This Introduction to Excel Course is the first of the series that will include other courses on Microsoft Excel Formulas, Pivot Tables, Power Query, Excel Charts and Data Visualization, Power Pivot and Macros.

If you are looking to set the right foundation for your Excel knowledge, the impact of which you will continue to gain as you transition to Advanced Excel and diversify into other technologies, then you should take this course.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Basic Excel Operations including:
    1. Changing Excel Settings
    2. Protecting Excel with Passwords
    3. Navigating between Excel Workbooks and Worksheets
  2. Working with Excel Data including:
    1. Formatting Excel Content
    2. Sorting and Filtering
    3. Different methods for copying and filtering data
    4. Different methods for finding and replacing data
    5. Creating Dropdowns in Excel
    6. Creating Expand and Collapsible buttons in Excel Data Ranges
    7. Separating Texts to different columns
  3. Working with Excel Formulas including
    1. SUM function and Auto Sum Magic
    2. AVERAGE function
    3. MIN and MAX functions
    4. SMALL and LARGE functions


Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Data Analysts and Data Scientists
  • Finance Professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Anyone that works with Excel

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