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Self Discipline will Change Your life for GOOD


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This course is transformational.

It will change your life for good, help equip you with life long skills and bring personal growth to you, your family, work colleagues, community, school, college to everyone around you.

Your mind will be elevated and you will notice changes in your own life.

This course was designed from personal experience and experiences.

It covers:

– Helps set your mind free, inspires hope, expectation, develops a sound mind and mental focus

– This course will show you the importance and how to set priorities

– You will learn how to create frameworks, structure and routine that help you in life

– You will learn what practices promote accountability and the various insights you learn about yourself

– How to launch, reinvent, start again from setbacks or when going through tough times

– How to develop good personal growth and discipline promoting habits

– Downloadable personal development aids including: 50 Affirmations, Journal template and SWOT Analysis template

– Real world examples and illustrations

It is a course which was developed to help people and from personal experience.

I have designed and included some aids to help you get the best out of this course

– 50 Affirmations

– Journal

– SWOT Analysis

This course is for everyone, whoever, where ever they are in life, whatever they are going through in life.

My heartfelt hope is that you get the utmost benefit from this course and all the advantages of living a life with all the practices mentioned in the course yield results in your life.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone struggling with mental focus
  • Anyone struggling to complete tasks
  • Students, adults, professionals with set goals and objectives
  • Anyone looking to set up side or second sources of income
  • Anyone who may be disillusioned about life
  • Anyone who has been made redundant or looking to change careers
  • Anyone looking to change their lives around or looking for a fresh start
  • Anyone who wants to see results in their life
  • Anyone looking to have an impact on others e.g. volunteering
  • Anyone trying to achieve their life’s goals
  • Anyone looking to get more organised
  • Anyone seeking better health
  • Anyone seeking financial freedom
  • Anyone seeking good relationships
  • Anyone in financial trouble and seeking a way out

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