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Linux Fundamentals for IT Professionals using Ubuntu 20x


  • PC or Mac with decent configuration
  • At least 8 GB RAM, i5 or equivalent processor
  • CPU with dual core or with higher configuration


As part of this course, you will learn most of the important Linux commands that can come in handy while working in Linux-based environments.

Here are the high-level details of the Linux Commands that are covered as part of this hands-on course.

  • You will get started by having an appropriate environment to practice. Windows users can set up Ubuntu 20.04 using wsl.
  • Once the environment is ready, you will understand how to get started with basic Linux Commands.
  • The most commonly used command in Linux is ls. It is used to list the files. We will see different variations of ls by going through all the relevant arguments.
  • One of the powerful Linux commands and also my favorite is “find“. It helps us to filter the files and directories based on name, type, modified time, etc. You will learn how to use the find command effectively from the perspective of finding the files based on the criteria.
  • As we understand how to get details related to files and folders in Linux, we will go through the details related to previewing the data in files using important Linux commands such as cattailmore, etc. Also, we will review Linux commands such as cutsortuniq to process the data. All these commands are typically used against text files.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn Linux commands by hands-on practice
  • Freshers and entry level IT professionals who want to gain the knowledge of Linux commands
  • Any Software developers such as Python, Java, etc who would like to gain proficiency of Linux Commands
  • Any Software Testers who would like to gain proficiency related to Linux Commands
  • This course is designed for all those IT Professionals who frequently work on Linux based Environment
  • System Administrators, Network Administrators, DevOps Engineers, etc

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