100% Discount || Google Ads Mastery~ Beginner To Pro ~ HINDI/URDU 2023

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Google Ads Mastery~ Beginner To Pro ~ HINDI/URDU 2023


  • No experience required
  • Basic browsing skills
  • All you need is a laptop with internet connection


Hi this is Moawiz Khan – Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer @ Atlantis BPO Solutions

I will not only teach you to create an Ad campaign but I will give you the value you need to create a successful Ad campaign.

You will Learn:

  1. $3 Crore Ad Account Overview
  2. What is Google Ads
  3. What are keywords and types of keywords
  4. What are different types of Ads and when to use them
  5. What is Ad rank & Google Ad auction
  6. How to create a responsive search Ad
  7. How to select and add most engaging keywords to your ad groups
  8. How to write creative and engaging ad copies
  9. How to setup payment complying Google’s policies
  10. How to manage and optimize existing campaigns to improve performance
  11. Types of bidding strategies and how to use them
  12. How to build negative keyword list for maximum performance
  13. Case Study

Real-time examples from my existing ad account.

I have spent more than $ 300k on Google ads and have helped companies grow exponentially.

I have created this course not only to teach you how to create a campaign but to give you in-depth knowledge and understanding of Google ads and how to understand Google’s algorithm, this will help you outdrew your competitor.

Please note that this course is in Urdu/Hindi language,

I will try to make more courses in Urdu/Hindi and English for advanced level strategies in Google ads.

Thank you so much for your time.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing students
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers looking to run campaigns for clients

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