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Sales Skills 101 – Master Persuasion and Influence


  • Willingness to practice
  • Open mind


Persuasion is the key to successful communication, a successful career, and a successful life.

Here’s why…

Have you ever asked yourself – How can I get people to listen to me, to trust me? How can I close my next sale? How can I communicate effectively about my business? How can I get people to listen to me?

It’s simple really, you just have to be persuasive. And you have to follow only one technique to become a master of persuasion.

The most successful people aren’t necessarily the ones who are the smartest or most experienced. They’re the ones who communicate with power. And in the world we live in today, having a skill can take you from your city to anywhere in the world, no matter your income.

It’s not about being perfect or some kind of magic.

Hassan Ghiassi, Founder of Aristotle’s Cafe in collaboration with Thammasat Universities School of Global Studies is going to teach you what it takes to communicate with power.

Hassan has studied Communication and Persuasion for over a decade, he’s learned about and used hundreds of different techniques, some extremely impactful and creative. He used to teach all of them, but then he always came back to this one technique that’s so powerful. It serves as the basis for all others.

Would you like to learn it? It all revolves around utilizing every aspect of persuasion and putting your audience at the center of it.

Is it that simple? Of course not and that’s why I’ll be teaching you about it step by step. That’s exactly what you’ll have the chance to do in just 1 hour. You’ll know exactly how easy it is to communicate effectively to reach your goals, whatever they might be.

Watch the example videos, read the student reviews, and you’ll see why it’s so important to learn how to use this amazing persuasive technique.

Not only for being more persuasive and getting your way more of the time, but also for building a business, building healthy relationships, and protecting yourself again unethical forms of persuasion.


What Students have said about Hassan’s Courses:

“This course was packed full of helpful information. The presentation is clear and easy understood. I learned so much from this course. Thank you!”


“Brilliant course. My business facilitates peer group discussion for C-suite executives. This will help me tremendously with my job as facilitator of these meetings.”

Anton Stegmann

“These instructional videos are concise, interesting and informative. I am 100% pleased with the information presented and will recommend it to my associates.”

Stacy McPherson


This course is designed to give you the ability to connect and communicate effectively throughout your life. Not only that, but to present your ideas in a more influential, engaging, and persuasive way.

This means that people will be more likely to hear what you’re saying, and get excited by your ideas when you use this technique.

You might be asking yourself – what will I BE ABLE TO DO after taking the course:

  • Establish Trust and Respect With any Audience
  • Audience Analysis and Research
  • Write Killer Headlines, Stronger Essays, Better Emails, and Articles
  • How to Use These Skills in Life or at Work
  • Communicate with Power
  • Speak More Persuasively
  • Utilize Time Tested Persuasive Techniques
  • Skills to Increase Your Salary
  • Skills to Close Your Next Sale
  • Communicate in a Way that Makes People Want to Listen
  • Influence People to Take Action on Your Ideas
  • Communicate with Authority and High Status
  • Navigate Different Types of Persuasive Techniques / Persuasive Devices / Persuasive Appeals
  • Integrate Persuasion with Life Skills
  • Improve Your Sales Skills
  • Improve Your Sales Techniques
  • Utilize the Power Of Persuasion

An investment in improving your skills will always bring great rewards…

You might be asking yourself – Why SHOULD I CARE about being more Persuasive and Influential?

  • Make More Money
  • Be Respected
  • Feel more Confident
  • Have more Control over Outcomes
  • Protect Yourself When Someone is Trying to Influence You
  • Be Liked and Trusted By Others
  • Have Greater Choice in Your Work and Your Personal Life
  • Have The Ability to Effectively Lead People
  • Win People Over to Your Way of Thinking
  • Influence People to Take Action on Your Ideas
  • Strengthen Your Writing: Essays, Emails, Articles, Headlines


Who this course is for:

  • Salespeople
  • Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Students
  • Online Instructors
  • Teachers
  • Anyone Who Has to Capture and Lead the Attention & Imagination of Their Audiences
  • People looking to boost their social influence, get a raise, make more friends, increase their dating success, be more persuasive, etc…
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs

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