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Complete SQL & Relational Database Management System


  • Basic knowledge about computer


In this course, you will learn about Relational Database Management systems and Structured Query Language (SQL)

You will learn about the Relational Database Management system:

  • Introduction to Relational Databases
  • Information and Data Models
  • Types of Relationships
  • Mapping Entities to tables
  • Advanced relational model constraints
  • What is Primary Key
  • What is Foreign key
  • What is Entity, Attributes

´Data Definition Language(DDL) & Data Manipulation Language (DML)

  • Types of SQL statements
  • What is DDL (Data Definition Language)
  • What is DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  • How to get started with Database – install and set up Microsoft SQL Server Management studio
  • How to create a table in a Microsoft SQL server with CREATE TABLE command
  • How to insert data in a table in a Microsoft SQL server with INSERT INTO statement
  • How to retrieve data from a table  with a SELECT statement

Advanced DDL & DML statements :

  • How to use string pattern, range of values and set in the SELECT statement
  • how to sort data with ORDER BY statement
  • how to group by data with GROUP BY clause
  • how to use GROUP BY HAVING clause

Working with multiple tables

  • How to use different tables
  • understand the use of Primary key and foreign key
  • understand Different types of Joins:
    • Inner Joins
    • Left Outer Join
    • Right Outer join
    • Full outer join

All these topics you will learn with theoretical concepts along with hands-on practices.

By end of the course, you gain :

  • Understand RDBMS concepts
  • learn to execute different SQL statements in Microsoft SQL server studio
  • learn to work with any database tool.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner who want to understand Relational database and wanted to become expert in SQL
  • Anyone who want to excel the skills in SQL
  • Anyone who want to do the career in Database technologies

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