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Remote Sensing using ArcGIS Pro


  • Geospatial basics


This is a coourse of applications of Remote Sensing using ESRI Products.  Includes:


1) Introduction

i. Course overview

2) Introduction to ArcGIS Online

i. Basics of ArcGIS Online

ii. ArcGIS Online Sign in and map viewer

iii. ArcGIS Online map layout and tools

iv. Preparing a map in ArcGIS Online

v. Introduction to ArcGIS Living Atlas

3) Introduction to ESRI Story Map

i. Basics of ArcGIS Story Map

ii. Overview of an example story map

iii. StoryMap layout (Part-A)

iv. Storymap layout (Part-B)

v. Final example of Story map

4) Land use science

i. Basics of Land use land cover (LULC) analysis

ii. Downloading satellite data from USGS

iii. Importing data and applying preprocessing inside ArcGIS Pro (Part-A)

iv. Importing data and applying preprocessing inside ArcGIS Pro (Part-B)

v. Performing land use classification (Part-A)

vi. Performing land use classification (Part-B)

vii. Visualizing and preparing final maps for LULC in ArcGIS Pro

5) Time series analysis for Urban Sprawl Analysis

i. Background of Time Series, Urban Sprawl and Change Detection

ii. Preparing LULC maps for time series analysis

iii. Estimating area for each LULC class for each year

iv. Change detection in ArcGIS Pro

v. Publishing findings for study area using ESRI Story maps

6) Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect

i. Basic concepts of UHI

ii. Evaluating LST from Landsat satellite in ArcGIS Pro (Part-A)

iii. Evaluating LST from Landsat satellite in ArcGIS Pro (Part-B)

iv. Evaluating UHI trends from LST

v. Evaluating UHI (Normalized) and UTFVI from LST

Who this course is for:

  • GIS users
  • Geospatial enthusiasts
  • ESRI users
  • Geomatic studiants and teachers
  • Earth Science researchers

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