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Paint a Watercolor Haunted House in an Hour


  • No watercolor / painting experience needed, beginners are more than welcome
  • Ideally your line art template printed out


Unlock the world of watercolor and discover the joy of painting a haunted house, even if you’re new to the magic of watercolors.

Hello, I’m Eliza, known as the Watercolor Witch, and I’m thrilled to be a guide on your artistic journey. With over 40,000 passionate watercolor enthusiasts worldwide, I’m here to make painting easy and enjoyable.

Focused on creating accessible watercolor projects, this course is designed to teach you how to paint a whimsical haunted house in under an hour.

Throughout the course, we’ll cover essential techniques:

  • Tracing the line art onto watercolor paper for a perfect start
  • Sketching a successful underdrawing to set the foundation
  • Transforming your artwork into the appearance of an aged, atmospheric building
  • Applying colors to bring your haunted house to life

Unlike other courses that require you to sketch the project yourself, our beginner-friendly class provides a downloadable line art template. No more worrying about a botched drawing—just pure enjoyment of the painting process.

There’s no risk involved; your task is simply to revel in the art of painting. It’s time to take action!

Grab your brushes, and let’s dive into the world of haunted creativity together. I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Watercolor Painters
  • Those who want to decorate their home with a unique halloween wall art made by themselves
  • Creative People
  • Parents: give a creative experience for your kids!

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