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Better Dashboards in Google Sheets


  • No programming experience needed.
  • At least have a fundamental knowledge of Google Sheets


Learn how to turn your data into actionable insights by creating a visually appealing and interactive dashboard in Google Sheets. Our hands-on training will teach you the principles of a great dashboard, unique features of Google Sheets, and step-by-step instructions on building an example dashboard. You’ll also learn how to add a month changer to make it interactive and how to use squares, headers on the left, and drop shadows to enhance the design of your dashboard.

Plus, we’ll show you how to avoid a common flaw with dark colors in dashboards.

Join us and gain confidence, skills, and knowledge to make your Google Sheets better than anyone else’s.

We all build dashboards in Google Sheets. Let’s build better dashboards. Hands on training to build better dashboards. Sheets and Templates included along with step-by-step videos.

  • Learn the principles of a great dashboard
  • Discover unique features of Google Sheets that help you build better dashboards
  • Build an example dashboard step by step
  • Create an interactive dashboard by adding a month changer

Bonus Videos

  • Create Squares to make dashboard more beautiful
  • Try headers on the left for more creative designs
  • Create drop shadows behind your dashboard info to make them POP.
  • Avoid a weird flaw with dark colors in dashboard.

Access to All Sheets

Gain access to all sheets shown in the videos. Even if you can’t follow along you’ll have the freedom to make your own copy of the sheet and use them to learn hands-on.

Better Sheets offers more than 400 tutorials, tools, templates. More tips and tricks than you could ever imagine. Join us and find a world of wonderful Google Sheets.

Gain confidence. Get more skills. Learn more about using Google Sheets. Make your Google Sheets better than anyone else.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals who work with data and need to present it in a clear and easy-to-understand format
  • Data analysts, business managers, and marketing professionals.
  • Students and hobbyists who want to improve their skills in data visualization and analysis.

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