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Guitar & Microsoft Excel


  • Familiarity with Excel: While advanced Excel skills are not required, a basic understanding of how to navigate and use Microsoft Excel will be helpful. Participants should know how to open and save files, enter data into cells, and navigate between different parts of the worksheet.
  • Access to a Guitar: Participants need to have a guitar available for practice and application of the concepts taught in the course.
  • Access to Microsoft Excel: A computer with Microsoft Excel installed is required to participate in the course and complete the exercises.
  • Openness to Learning: A willingness to learn and an open mind are crucial, as this course takes a unique approach to guitar theory.
  • Commitment to Practice: As with any musical endeavor, regular practice is key to understanding and mastering the concepts taught in the course.
  • Internet Connection: If the course is taken online, a stable internet connection is required to access course materials and participate in any live sessions.
  • Desire to Explore Music Creatively: A passion for exploring music and a desire to understand the guitar on a deeper level will enhance the learning experience.
  • Patience and Persistence: Learning music theory and Excel simultaneously can be challenging, so patience and persistence are essential.


Discover a groundbreaking approach to mastering guitar music theory with a course designed for aspiring guitarists ready to explore the fretboard like never before. By leveraging the untapped potential of Microsoft Excel, a tool rarely associated with music theory, this course offers a fresh and innovative perspective that will change the way you perceive and play the guitar.

This course is not your typical music theory class. We understand that the guitar fretboard can be viewed as a spreadsheet, making Excel an exceptional tool to deepen your understanding and unlock new potentials. From constructing detailed Excel worksheets that mirror the guitar fretboard, to mapping out chords and scales, this course ensures a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

The first section of the course is dedicated to building a robust Excel worksheet that will serve as your guide and companion throughout your musical journey. Whether you’re keen on enhancing your Excel skills or solely focused on the music theory aspect, this course caters to you. We provide step-by-step guidance for constructing the worksheet, ensuring you grasp the fundamentals of both Excel and music theory. For those more inclined towards the theory, a completed copy of the worksheet is provided at each stage, allowing you to dive straight into the musical exploration.

In a unique twist, the worksheet is formatted with the lowest guitar string at the top, mirroring the way most guitarists visually perceive the fretboard while playing. This intuitive layout ensures a seamless transition from theory to practice, enhancing your ability to visualize and navigate the fretboard with ease.

As the course progresses, we delve into the key of C in open position, unraveling its mysteries with unparalleled detail. You will learn to construct and analyze each chord within this key, mapping them onto the fretboard, fingering the positions, and understanding their relationship with the C Major scale. By contrasting the C Major Scale with the scale of each chord, you gain a holistic understanding of musical relationships and patterns, enriching your theoretical knowledge and practical skills simultaneously.

This is more than just a course; it’s an innovative journey that blends the power of Excel with the beauty of guitar music theory, ensuring you emerge with a solid foundation and a new-found appreciation for the fretboard. Join us on this unique adventure and transform your approach to guitar theory and practice!

Who this course is for:

  • Guitarists Seeking a Deeper Understanding: Guitar players who have mastered the basics but want to delve deeper into the theory behind the music, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of scales, chords, and progressions.

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