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Write an Investor-Ready Business Plan Fast, with Templates!


  • No experience required, all you need is a computer and internet connection!


Do you want to start a business, or already have and want to raise money, or present an effective business plan?

Or do you want to learn about business plans so you can understand investors, and the language of business?

Do you want a simple, but effective structure for writing a business plan that actually works?

Or maybe you work at a company and want to launch a new product?

If any of these questions sound like you, you are in the right place. Don’t waste your time buying a course on writing a business plan from instructors who have never actually started businesses, and come to the Nonprofit Institute. We are a team of former founders and executives who are committed to teaching the art of starting and growing businesses in a digestible way, complete with templates and live instructor support.

Welcome to our comprehensive course on writing a business plan! This course was developed off of real-world experience writing, and evaluating business plans as investors. What we provide is a simple template you can use and a walk-through of every step of completing it so that you finish the course with an amazing business plan in-hand!

This is not only the most comprehensive course on the internet today, it is the most real-world oriented and will prepare you to hit the ground running, and quickly. Take a peak below for the components of the course!

Part 1: Introduction to the Business Plan

Part 2: Writing Your Executive Summary

Part 3: Writing Your Company Description

Part 4: Planning Your Product or Services

Part 5: Writing a Marketing Plan

Part 6: Conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

Part 7: Positioning and Marketing Channels

Part 8: Making an Operational Plan

Part 9: The Management and Organization Section of the Business Plan

Part 10: Startup Expenses

BONUS: Tailoring the plan to different industries or funding sources!

Plus: business plan template to customize for yourself and a marketing plan template to keep!

You do not need any prior business experience to understand this course or use our business plan template. With our team of founders and executives, we set out to create the most understandable course on creating a business, complete with templates for the major steps, so that you can start your business quickly and on the right foot.

Everything you need to write a business plan is included in this course and the teachings are based on real-world experience of leading businesses from founders and executives!

Please click the “Take This Course” button now to start your business plan and learn from the best!

Don’t wait to start your business and wonder “what if?”, start today!

You will receive:

A Business plan template you can customize to your business that our expert instructors will talk you through step-by-step!

A bonus, marketing plan template you can use to plan your marketing strategy!

Lifetime access to the course!

A 30-day money back guarantee!

An invitation to an executive community to learn and discuss business trends and challenges!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in starting any type of company in any country and in any industry (no prior business experience is required).
  • Anyone that has already started a company, but wants to take their business to the next level.
  • Anyone working at a company that wants to launch a new product and or a new service.
  • Anyone who wants to develop a business plan
  • Anyone who wants to create a professional business plan
  • Anyone who wants to present their business idea in an organized way
  • Anyone who wants to have a better view of their idea
  • Anyone who wants to learn product implementation and launch strategies
  • Anyone interested in attracting investment / business partners
  • Anyone who wants to bring their idea in an organized way to implementation
  • Anyone who needs a business plan template

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