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Introduction to Internal Investigations


  • The course is taught in English
  • Internet connectivity, video and audio capability required


This course defines the internal investigation and its importance to a successful workplace. The syllabus is a  general overview for security practitioners, human resources specialists, and department managers and supervisors, among others.

The student is introduced to six investigative strategies available to the corporate investigator. Likewise, the course presents some potential risks of unprofessional, incompetent, workplace investigations.

Additionally, the course describes the Process of Investigation as five stages:

  1. Preparation and Planning
  2. Information Collection and Fact Finding
  3. Verification and Analysis
  4. Determination and Delivery of Corrective Action
  5. Prevention and Education

This course defines the internal investigation and its importance to a successful workplace.

The syllabus is a general overview for security practitioners, human resources specialists, department managers and supervisors, among others. It serves as a foundational course in the Mastering Security Management series.

The course includes three .PDF documents that supplement the primary course content.

Issues requiring potential investigation are discussed and include workplace accidents, suspected wrongdoing by employees, documented complaints, employee theft, receipt of a lawsuit, regulatory concerns, workplace violence, or unexplained drops in morale or workforce performance.

The course leverages the instructor’s extensive experience in private/corporate security. Key themes throughout this program, include:

  • The importance of presenting yourself as a business professional and not a “rent-a-cop.”
  • The critical role of organization, confidentiality, and objectivity in all investigations.
  • Assume all investigations, reports and investigators will appear in court.
  • Characteristics of the successful investigator

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring private security practitioners considering private security as a potential career.
  • Current security employees seeking to “up their game” and advance their career in this dynamic, growing field.
  • “Second career” types. These are typically retired military and law enforcement people that retire at a relatively young age. They often consider a second career in security, without any research. Our courses educated and prepare them for career transition.
  • Allied business professionals. These are people who may find themselves responsible for the organization’s security function. This can include HR professionals, administrators, safety directors, emergency management coordinators , and facility managers who find security reporting to them. They need to learn about the discipline as quickly as possible.
  • College graduates who see few opportunities in their selected major, and may want to consider “off-the-wall” career paths in a little recognized, vibrant industry.

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