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Java Spring Boot – Complete Course Bundle


  • To learn this Spring Boot certification course in a short period there are some of the particulars that you should be aware of. As this framework is based on Java, the very first thing you should be aware of is Java.
  • The next thing is, you should have an idea about working with different frameworks. The basic working of frameworks may be different but they approach used to work with them are pretty much the same. So one who had an idea about working with other frameworks will find it lean this course.


The Spring Boot training program entails and aims to achieve best in class theoretical concepts and solving real-life projects so that one is prepared to tackle the toughest of the business problems with ease and be confident on proceeding with the methodology.

The course on Spring Boot will allow you to get exposed to the latest technology in Spring Boot, the most sought-after skill set when it comes to Java development. In this course we would learn about building an application from scratch using Spring Initializer. Building complex UIs is one of the kind skillsets you would sharpen in this course. We would also learn about securing our application against any malicious use of the application. Post this course we want you to be a part of that “55%” of Fortune 500 companies who have adapted Spring Boot.

We have designed our course in such a way that not only beginners would be one who would be benefitted, but also take care of people already working on Spring Boot to expose them to more advanced concepts as well as provide them some refresher kind of information in Spring Boot concepts which are essential from a learning perspective, but seldom used in the industry. Some key highlights of the course are as follows:

  • In this course we would start with an introduction to Spring Boot and deep dive into the features Spring Boot provides. As soon as we are done with understanding the concepts, we would go through some detailed explanation of Spring Boot through the help of an example.
  • Next in line we have properties of Spring Boot, annotations, and starters to go through in a detailed manner.
  • We would also learn about Command Line Interface through which we would be using Spring Initializr. Also, we do have tutorials about Spring Boot view and deep dive into DB connectivity using Spring Boot. We would go through In-memory Databases as well as Production level databases in this training.
  • We can’t leave the topic about caching untouched as caching is an integral part of memory optimization.
  • In the advanced level of topics, we would go through Micro-services and its usage in the software industry. To support this, we do have lectures on NoSQL and MongoDB.
  • We would also introduce you to a custom metric which is a space in Spring Boot development that is the most widely used space in the industry as here we can create our custom endpoints.
  • We would also learn about the deployment of Spring Boot applications on servers.
  • Lastly, we would learn some properties at the YAML level, so that some advanced properties might be handy with you during your professional assignments.
  • Also, we do have a session on File upload and major things to take care of in case of file uploads in a Spring Boot Application.

Who this course is for:

  • Being a developer-specific course, the target audience for this Spring Boot training certification is the professionals or students who are into development or want to be a developer. But anyone enough curious to learn this course can be the best audience for this course.

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