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TOP RATED – Public Relations – Publicist PR Masterclass


  • PR is not rocket science and easy when you know how so no requirments


LEARN TO BE A PR STAR AND BE A PUBLICIST…learn everything you need to know about PR and becoming a publicist with our masterclass…

Learn everything you need to know to gain press in major national newspapers, magazines and online publications…

Have you always wanted to learn about the exciting world of PR and becoming a publicist?

Are you a brand or founder of a service?  Do you want to create a PR buzz?  Would you like to see you’re brand or service gain publicity and press coverage in national newspapers and magazines?  Do you want to avoid paying huge PR retainer fees?  Would you like to build more trust in your brand, increase consumer confidence and sales?  Do you want you and your company to be famous and seen in print?  Are you a student thinking about a career as a publicist?

Nia PR School is a 150+ page document and 20 video segments teaching you everything you need to be a PR STAR PUBLICIST.

  • Learn how to write press releases, build relationships with journalists and story-tell
  • Receive tonnes of real-life case-studies of PR campaigns
  • Each segment of the Nia PR School comes with a corresponding video



  • You will receive a PR tool-kit and PR trade secrets to get a brand/service printed in magazines, newspapers and blogs
  • Teaches PR essentials such as drafting a press release, providing examples and templates
  • Gives you insider knowledge on how to gain journalist contacts
  • Learn methods of approaching journalists and tips to establish and nurture long-term relationships
  • Plan a long-term media campaign for your company
  • Learn PR stunts and success stories that have been tried and tested
  • Discover secret PR tips used by the most successful PR agencies
  • Create a PR vision for your company – where do you want to be seen and heard?
  • Brainstorm key messages, sexy and juicy stories that will catch a journalist’s attention
  • Pinpoint key imagery to catch a journalist’s attention
  • Good PR ultimately leads to sales, increased profitability and revenue for a company

PR is a MUST HAVE for brands to be credible and build confidence

  • Do you want to create a PR buzz?
  • Would you like to become a Publicist?
  • Are you a smaller company or start up with a small PR budget until you GROW?
  • ​Would you like to build more trust in a brand/service, increase consumer confidence and sales?
  • ​Do you want you and the brand to be famous and seen in print?
  • Reputation is the biggest company asset.  PR is a powerful tool to maintain positive public image, build trust and credibility and increase sales revenue.
  • Untangle the mystical world of PR by signing up to Nia PR School… publicity coaching


PR has a reputation for being a mystical “dark art,” but it’s not rocket science and is easy to do once you know how to.  You might love to learn more about PR if you are any of the following.

  • An entrepreneur, CEO or brand owner who would like to learn more about PR and do the role in-house rather than employing a PR or agency. PR firms typically charge high prices , by learning to do PR in-house you can keep ongoing business costs lower.
  • Are you an entrepreneur, CEO or brand owner who wants to employ an agency but would like to be knowledgeable in PR to ask a PR agency the right questions and make sure you are getting a bang for your buck?
  • Are you a start-up company, you’ve most likely invested money into creating an awesome product. Many brands forget to think about ongoing costs like PR. You receive knowledge to do PR and save money
  • Are you a business with a PR recruit who you would like to train up in PR? Fast track their learning with the PR School
  • Students who are considering an exciting and successful career as a Publicist or someone who loves to learn new things
  • A Publicist who wants to take inspiration from another Publicist


  • You will be hungry to learn everything about PR
  • You will have a passion to watch our videos and read through our 150+ page document to learn everything about PR


We hope you enjoy the course and remember to give us feedback and leave a review at the end!

Who this course is for:

  • Brand owners/business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students
  • Anyone wanting a career in PR

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