100% Discount || Learn Salesforce (Admin + Developer) with LWC Live Project

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Learn Salesforce (Admin + Developer) with LWC Live Project


  • Everything is explained from the scratch. So that any one from technical/non technical background can easily understand. Having knowledge of Object Oriented Programming will help to master in Salesforce.


                   Students will learn everything about Salesforce CRM, Apex programming language used in Salesforce, Salesforce Object Query Language used to perform operations on Salesforce Objects.  Students will learn how to work as Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer.

Students will learn Lightning Web Components programming model and how to develop/create project using Lightning Web Components i.e. LWC programming model.

Topics covered in this course

1. ERP vs CRM | What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

2. Salesforce Admin vs Salesforce Developer

3. Salesforce Terminologies | Basic Terms in Salesforce – Org, Object, Field, Record, Tab, App

4. How To Create Salesforce Developer Org | How To Create Free Developer Account in Salesforce

5. How To Write Your First Apex Program | Apex Hello World Program in Salesforce Developer Org

6. What is APEX? | Features of APEX Programming Language | Salesforce Development Course

7. How To Write Apex Class in Salesforce | Apex Class for Beginners

8. Apex Access Modifiers |Access Modifiers in Apex Class Salesforce | Private Protected Public Global

9. Apex Primitive Data Types |Salesforce Development | Integer, Long, Double, Decimal, Blob, id etc.

10. Apex Control Structures Part 1 : Introduction | Salesforce Development


Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to make career in Salesforce CRM as Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Developer.

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