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Django for Beginners


  • Previous Knowledge in Python is expected
  • Previous knowledge in HTML, CSS will come in handy


This is an introductory course, where you will learn about how to develop web applications using Django. you will be gaining a basic level understanding about Django after completing this course. you will be able to develop web applications after completing this course.

This Course Covers various topics that are listed below:

  • Introduction to Django & It’s Advantages
  • Environmental Setup for Python & Django
  • Everything you need to know about Virtual Environment in Django
  • Creating a Students App and  adding the necessary files
  • Components of Django and its Architecture
  • What are Models and How to work with them (Theory)
  • Models and Migrations (Coding)
  • Learning to create views in Django
  • What is Admin Module in Django and Basic CRUD in Admin Module
  • Understanding Views and URLS in Django
  • Create styles using CSS

And by the end of this course, You will be able to build a student detail application that helps to view data of different students present in the database.

On the path to becoming a software developer,  the best way to grow your programming skills is to actually write code.

Many new programmers use coding challenge problems to get that practice, and that’s a great starting point, but those challenge problems are well framed with clearly defined goals. Programming in the real world is way more open-ended.

As a developer, you’ll likely be involved in framing and defining what a program needs to do, not just writing code. Developing personal projects is a great way to build that muscle, but it can be a bit overwhelming for new programmers.

I am surya teja koka, I have been working with Python and Django for the past 2 years. I love helping new developers take the next step in their programming journey. If you’re excited to get started creating your own Python projects using Django,

This is the place to begin your journey, join me in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with knowledge in python3
  • Anyone interested in Web Development
  • Anyone looking to build a career as a python Developer
  • Anyone who wants to learn latest Django
  • Anyone interested to build web applications with Django
  • Anyone who wants to become a full stack web developer
  • Anyone who is interested to improve their skillset

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