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Understand Logarithms & its Application In Engineering


  • You just need to have pen and one notebook to take notes


  • Do you know why and where we are using logarithms in the real world?
  • What is the significance of a Log?
  • If you don’t know anything about logarithms don’t worry it’s absolutely fine, after enrolling in this course I assure you that you can not only solve any numerical related to logarithms but also understand the actual significance of logarithms in the real world. Whatever courses I’m making it is intended for Mechanical, Electrical, Biomedical, Electronics, Computer Science, Production Engineering students or equivalent degree students.
  • Let me give you a brief idea about what you are going to study in this course.
    1. At first, we will understand why we require the concept of the logarithm, what made mathematicians introduce logarithms, in short, we will see the significance of logarithms with the help of one example.
    2. Conversion of the exponential equation to the logarithmic equation and vice versa.
    3. Few important and basic formulas
    4. The concept of Log revolves around 4-5 rules and we are going to study those rules and solve various numerical based on each and every rule.
    5. Logarithms are widely used in advanced mathematics so after completing the course you also expect to perform well in some topics of advanced mathematics.

So this is what you can expect to learn from the course. It’s my request please do watch 2-3 videos which I’m keeping free after watching those videos you yourself will understand what a quality instructor I am. Hope you will surely enjoy the course. If you have any doubts at any point feel free to ask me any time.

Who this course is for:

  • This course for Engineering students
  • Anyone who is interested in mathematics
  • Anyone who wants to learn the concept of logarithm from scratch

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